What exactly is kombucha?

Kombucha is a lightly fermented and sweetened tea in which the sugars are converted to healthy probiotic and yeast strains. Think, yogurt without the dairy. Or think probiotics, without the pills.  For people with dairy allergies or an aversion to dairy products, kombucha is a great way to keep the 'good bacteria' balanced in your GI tract.

What kind of health benefits does kombucha have?

Many people who drink kombucha report healthier feeling GI tracts, reduced sugar cravings, clearer skin, and better overall health & energy. What contributes to this? Kombucha contains various organic acids including: acetic acid (a mild antibacterial), gluconic acid (a mild detoxifier), lactic acid, malic acid (what gives kombucha that slightly sour taste), amino acids.  Separately a symbiotic family of live bacteria and yeasts contain various probiotic strains and high-levels of vitamin B12.  This elixir of goodness is can be a major contributor to keeping your body balanced and in good health. 

When should I drink kombucha? 

Whenever you want! Kombucha is a great way to start your morning and wake your body up before you eat breakfast. You can also drink it with lunch, dinner, or as a beverage to support hydration and energy for athletic activities. Kombucha also makes a great recovery drink after a hike in the foothills or after an hour on the yoga mat. 

All Mamachari Kombucha products are gluten free, corn free, nut free and raw (non-pasteurized). 

Our Core Flavors...

Our core flavors are sold in 12 oz. bottles and include:  Aloha > Blue Moscow > Concord Grape > Flower Power > Honey Hops > Jasmine Rose > Just Hops > Lavender Honey > Lemon Ginger > Mint Lime > Roots & Botanicals > Tart Cherry.

We also produce numerous seasonal varieties served on draft-only at our Tap Room or at the SLC Farmers Market (most Saturday of the year). You can also fill up at our Tap Room every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 2 - 6 p.m.